Report on the Award Ceremony in the House Of Lords in London

I would like to report on the White Page International award ceremony at the UK House of Lords, UK Parliament, which I attended the other day.

Dress code is black tie or formal national dress. Since the only attendees from Japan were us related to MBDGs, I wish I could wear kimono to represent Japan more.

It was clear that Sarmad Zargar, who is in charge of the ceremony at WPI, has earned the deep trust of the attendees. He is a calm yet passionate leader who supports the goal of MBDGs Goal 6, “Supporting the Next Generation,” and is a person full of kindness.

I was honored to be selected as a panelist. The panel discussion moderator was Dr Ajay Bakshi C Suite Executive coach ,TedX speaker and the other panelists were Juan Jose de la Torre and M. Meeting the panelists was a treasure for me. Dr. Ajay’s leadership was very quiet, respectful of individuals, and listened carefully to our stories and feelings. That’s the leader!!

The awardees were free to bring their own companions, so many of them attended with their children or parents. I attended with Tatsuya Minamoto, who is in charge of creating animation teaching materials for MBDGs. My mother also joined with me.

When people sitting at the same table received their awards on stage and returned to their seats, the other members at the table welcomed back them saying “Congratulations!!” And people at the same table took photos and videos of me being awarded at the stage. The person who photographed me was Bassem Awada – MBA from Lebanon, a very caring and globally active leader!!

I was honored to receive the Global Power Leader 2024 in recognition of the educational significance and necessity of MBDGs. And this time, I learned once again why WPI evaluates MBDGs, and I was so happy that I can’t even describe them. “At the heart of Makiko’s illustrious career lies the inception of Mind-Based Development Goals (MBDGs), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at instilling Mind Fundamental Education for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Born out of a fervent desire to empower individuals across the globe.” Thank you!!!

I think that this award was a major stepping stone for MBDGs to function as a supportive education of the SDGs’ achievement literally sustainably.

This award for MBDGs was also covered by many famous Japanese media such as Nikkei Online. I was glad that Japanese people got to know White Page International as a leading role for social movements to make the world better. I wish that an event of WPI and a Global Education Conference (such as Education 2.0 Conference/Aryan Agrawal) will be held in Japan as well, because so many brilliant Japanese individuals and education remain unknown and the combination of global and Japanese will create a value beyond expectation.

Lastly, once again, I appreciate WPI and its attendees for such an exciting and inspirational ceremony!!

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