CIO TIMES features our Chairperson as “5 Rising Leaders in Education to watch in 2023”

Super excited to announce that CIO TIMES featured our chairperson as its cover story of the “5 Rising Leaders in Education to watch in 2023”!!  This is the first publication of her autobiography. Please take a look at what fear she experienced in her first career as a flight attendant, why she quit the airline, how she struggled with many adversities as an educator, and how MBDGs was born. 

This is an inspirational milestone for MBDGs to be selected for the 5 leaders in Education and approved as a socially meaningful education which enhances SDGs. We’re sure that she was selected because she got so many opportunities to be recognized by the public thanks to White Page International and Education 2.0 Conference.

The reason for our gathering attention was that we provide a mind education of MBDGs for youth who are trying to start their own business, and its validation report showed that MBDGs’ approach definitely left a great effect on the mind development(Self-Esteem) of the trainees.

We’re glad that an increasing number of people are getting interested in the establishment of mind, that used to be regarded as should be acquired by efforts of individuals only, not by a systematic programmed education. 

Please don’t miss the publication of the article!!

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