Fire in heart is the key to SDGs.

What if fire is missing?

People get different results even through the same education, and this is good and the diversity. But some of the educators are thinking that all the diversity or individuals can be satisfied with their works only under the condition that they are feeling like “I’m using my ability to achieve what I really want to.” And everyone knows that this is the situation that can boost creativity or productivity the most.

So, educators or grownups try to support the young to find out their potential or things they like. And they try to make or find a systematically programmed mind education. And one of the last struggles on the path is that “something more basic or bottom is missing.”

This is the “Burning Coal” in the heart.

When all the experiences or efforts can lead to confidence or good self-esteem in the end, there is a Burning Coal in our heart.
When we struggle to paralyze anxiety by preferring to busyness and get visible results alone instead of something stable, there may not be a Burning Coal.
When people can’t judge things ethically and morally regardless of their power or titles, there is probably no Burning Coal in their heart.

Burning Coal is a source of fire or fire itself, to get good self-understanding as experiences increase. To secure this leads people to sustainable growth or development. To ignore this means there will be more disgusting things in the future. This has nothing to do with the age, title, fame, network, or the number of successes. This is also nothing special to gain. This can be gained by a quite simple but well-programmed mind education. That is MBDGs.

The YouTube video shows more about “What’s Burning Coal?”

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